Water quality in Hanoi’s lakes improves, official says

The water quality in seven of Hanoi ’s lakes earmarked for renovation had improved markedly after months of dredging and cleaning, inspectors announced earlier this week.

“I’ve seen a big improvement. The water in these lakes is cleaner and less smelly,” said Vu Hong Khanh, vice chairman of Hanoi People’s Committee and the leader of the inspection team.

The seven lakes are among 24 earmarked for renovation last year. All the lakes were found to be seriously polluted. Among the worst offenders were Den Lu, Nghia Tan, and Thien Quang.

Employees of the Green Joint Stock Company, with the help from local residents, have been removing waste from the lakes, while staff from the Chemistry Institute under the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology applied biological methods to clean the water. The lakes’ surroundings have also been given a facelift .

However, Khanh said it would be necessary to periodically clean the lakes to ensure they would not become polluted again.

After cleaning work is completed, Hanoi Drainage company will take responsibility for maintaining the lakes in pristine condition.

“A lot of companies have registered for the work and the city will give priority to those with the most experience,” Khanh said.

“It is very important that the authorities and the local people work together to ensure that the lakes stay clean,” Khanh said./.