Outbound tour for Tet – new trend for Vietnamese travellers

Many Vietnamese people are choosing outbound tours during the lunar new year festival (Tet) instead of celebrating the holiday at home or joining domestic traditional festival tours.

The Saigon Tourist Company (Saigontourist) attributed the trend to diversity in culture and custom more evident now than before, allowing the Vietnamese experience how Tet is celebrated in different countries.

From early last quarter of this year, major domestic travel agencies, including Saigontourist, have launched outbound tours to meet the demands of new year celebrations in Asia, Europe, America and Australia.

According to Saigontourist, Tet is predominantly celebrated by Asian people so tours for the holiday focus on Asian countries, including China, the Republic of Korea, Japan, Singapore and Malaysia.

Tours to Singapore and Malaysia are the “hottest” due to the short flights, reasonable expenditure, and the combination of travelling and shopping.

Apart from destinations in Asia, tours to Europe, America and Australia are expected to be in high demand because of Asian communities in the regions./.