Tram Chim National Park - an attractive destination for tourists

HTML clipboard Tram Chim National Park, a reduced model of Dong Thap Muoi, with a natural history of collective ecology of geomorphology, hydrography and underwater creatures, appears to be an attractive destination for both local and foreign visitors.  

Located in Tam Nong district, Mekong Delta Dong Thap province, the 7,313 ha park is designed to preserve the typical submerged in-land eco-system that develops mainly in Ha Tien, Dong Thap Muoi (the Plain of Reeds) and U Minh areas. The park boasts a diversified flora which includes some 130 species classified into 6 principle communities.  

It also provides an ideal habitat for 231 species of birds, including 32 rare and precious species, especially the red-head cranes and 130 species of fish.  

The park includes an ecotourism area with a forest of cajuput, covering nearly 3,000 ha which is considered the “lung” of the Dong Thap Muoi region.  

It is also a destination for many kinds of birds, including thousands of storks, making it the largest stork garden in Dong Thap Muoi.  

Coming to Tram Chim in dry season from December to May, visitors have chance to see birds flying on the vast mangrove fields including cranes 1.5m high weighting at 10-15kg each, purple herons with 1m span, and long-neck geese. 

To preserve the national park, the Coca-Cola and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) invested 250,000 USD to a three-year project until 2011 to improve the water quality and environment.  

Tram Chim national park is calling for investment from organisations at home and abroad to design more attractive tours welcoming more tourists./.