Department of Justice

The Department of Justice is a professional agency under the municipal People’s Committee, responsible for State management in justice affairs within Hanoi.


The Department is authorised to act as counsellor for the municipal People’s Committee on State management in lawmaking, examination of normative legal documents, law dissemination and education, execution of civil court verdicts, and notarisation and certification of residential records, nationalities and child adoption involving foreign elements. The agency is also responsible for State management of the judiciary and lawyers, legal consultancy and support, judiciary surveys, reconciliation at the grassroots level, public auctions, commercial arbitration, and other judiciary affairs in line with law. It also covers several judiciary duties and powers under the mandate of the municipal People’s Committee.


Headquarters: 1B Tran Phu street, Ha Dong-Hanoi

Tel: 04.33546163

Fax: 04.33546163