Mid-Autumn Festival held in Hanoi Museum

A boy is learning to make a lantern, a typical toy in the autumn festival. (Source: VNA)

Traditional celebrations of the Mid-Autumn festival for children will be held in Hanoi Museum on September 20 and 26 nights by Dinh Lang Viet (Vietnamese Communal House) group.

The festival is intended to introduce the children to how the festival was celebrated in the old time and help preserve national identity and boost their team spirit and skills.

The night on September 20 (the 8th of the eighth lunar month) is a communal festival with a key exploring-creative activity in which children, under the guidance of artisans, will try their hand at making traditional toys such as lantern, star lantern, cardboard masks and lion head and making traditional cakes for the occasion.

Activities on September 26 (the 14th of the eighth lunar month) will take place in the outdoor space of the museum ranging from lion dance, star lantern procession, folk games, and circus performance.-VNA