Hanoi University of Technology (HUT)

1. Foundation Date: October 15th, 1956.

2. Mandate

To provide higher education in science and technology and related fields through its bachelor, master and Ph.D. programs on science and technology.

3. Degrees and Programs

3.1. Undergraduate Education

Engineer of Applied Science: 5 years.

Training fields: Mathematics, Engineering Physics, Information Technology, Material Science, Polymer, Manufacturing Engineering, Engines, Specialized Mechanical Engineering, Thermal Techniques, Technical Electricity, Electrical Energy, Electrical Equipment and Manufacturing, Electrification and Electricity Supply, Technical Cybernetics, Technical Computing, Electronics, Communication and Telecommunications, Electronic Equipment Manufacturing, Textile Engineering and Garment Technology, Tailoring Engineering, Biological and Food Technology, Chemical Technology, Physical Chemistry Technology, Environmental Technology, Metallurgy, Economics, Foreign Languages for Specific Purposes, Engineering Education.

3.2. Postgraduate Education

- Master of Science (M.Sc.): 2 years.

- Doctoral degree (Ph.D.): 2-3 years.

Training fields: mechanical engineering, chemistry, material science and technology, engineering physics, mathematics, information technology, electronics and telecommunications, electrical engineering, environmental science and technology, bio-technology and food processing, heat engineering and refrigeration.

4. Academic Faculties

- Faculty of Applied Mathematics

- Faculty of Chemical Technology

- Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications

- Faculty of Electricity

- Faculty of Information Technology

- Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

- Faculty of Metallurgy and Materials Technology

- Faculty of Textile, Garment Technology and Fashion design

- Faculty of Economics and Management

- Faculty of Foreign Languages

- Faculty of Engineering Education

- Faculty of Social Sciences

- Faculty of in-service Training

- Faculty of Defense Education

- Department of Physical Education

5. Institutes, Research Centers

- Institute of Engineering Physics

- Institute of Biological and Food Technology

- Institute for Environmental Science and Technology

- Automation Center

- Computer Center

- Network-Communication Center

- Biomedical Electronics Center

- Corrosion and Protection Research Center

- Polymer Center

- Inorganic Materials Research Center

- Materials Science Center

- Center for Research and Development of High Technology

- Precise Machinery Research Center

- Chromatography Center

- Polytechnology Co., Ltd.


- Center for Internetwork Security Software and Solutions

- Center for Development and Application of Software for Industry.

6. Faculty and Students

Faculty: 1,100 teaching staffs, which includes 240 Professors and Associate Professors, 602 Dr.Sc. and Ph.D.


Undergraduate: 25,000

Postgraduate: 1,200

7. International Relations

Hanoi University of Technology has established long-term cooperative ties with many educational and research institutions, international organizations, and industrial enterprises from around the world. Co-operation activities are undertaken in various forms such as joint training and research programs. With the rapid increase of scientific and technological progress in recent years, HUT has extended its communications and collaborations with more and more education establishments all over the world and especially those in the region of South East Asia.

Over the last 45 years HUT has established the cooperative ties with the following institutions:

- International Organizations: UNDP, UNIDO, UNESCO, ACCT, CONFRASIE.


- Australia: Sydney University, Swinburn University, Victoria University of Technology, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, University of Technology, Sydney.

- Belgium: VLIR (VUB, RUG, KUL), LiÌge University.

- Canada: University of Laval, Polytechnique de MontrÐal.

- China: Beijing University of Science and Technology, South China University of Technology, Kunming University of Science and Technology.

- France: Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble (INPG), Ðcole Nationale SupÐrieure de Biologie AppliquÐe µ la Nutrition et µ l’Alimentation (ENSBANA), Ðcole Nationale SupÐrieure de Textile de Moulhouse (ENSTM), Ðcole Nationale SupÐrieure de Mecanique et d’Aerotechnique (ENSMA), Ðcole Centrale de Lyon, Paris University XII.

- Finland and Sweden: Lahti Polytechnics, Charmer University.

- Germany: German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), German Technical Co-operation (GTZ), Dresden University of Technology, Freiberg University of Technology, Chemnitz University of Technology, IImenau University of Technology, Damstadt University of Technology, Stuttgart University of Technology, College of Zittau/Goerlitz, College of Anhalt, College of Pforzheim, College of Muenchen, College of Bremen, Siemens AG, Magdeburg University of Technology, Hannover University.

- Japan: Ritsumeikan University, Teikyo University of Technology, Gifu University, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Nagoya, Nagaoka University of Technology, Keio University, Development Association of Youth, Asian Community TRUST, Toyota, Honda, HANSEBE Asia Scholarship Foundation.

- Republic of Korea: Chungwoon University, Pohang University of Technology, Kwangju Institute of Science and Technology, Chonbuk University, Chungnam University, Konju National University, Sunmoon University, Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST), Woosong University, Korea Institute of Industrial Technology, Gyongsang University, Dong-A University, Sunchon National University, Shiheung Company, Dong Ah Elecomm, Synkyong, Hanse Foundation.

- Switzerland: University Lausanne, Swiss-AIT-Vietnam (SAV).

- Singapore: Nanyang Technical University, National University of Singapore.

- Thailand: AIT, Suranaree University of Technology.

- The Netherlands: Amsterdam University, Delft University, Twente University.

- Ukraine, Russia: Moscow State Academy of Fine Chemical Technology, D. Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia, Moscow State Aviation Institute, Saint Petersburg State Technical University, Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University (LETI), Moscow Power Engineering Institute, Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Kharkov University of Technology, Kiev University of Technology.

- USA: University of Kentucky, California State University/Sacramento, University of Nebraska, International Training Institute of Education, Business Alliance for Vietnamese Education, Motorola, Ford./.