University of Transport and Communications (UTC)

1. Foundation Date

University of Transport and Communications (UTC) was founded in 1945, named then College of Public Works. It provided a lot of technicians specialized in transport, post, hydraulics, architecture at high and middle levels during its fore-runner from 1945 until 1960. In 1962, it was renamed University of Transport and Communications according to the decree signed by the Prime Minister.

At present, UTC has two campuses in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

2. Mandate

UTC is a transport multi-disciplinary higher education university incorporating science, engineering, transport, communications and economics. It has established a complete higher education system consisting of undergraduate, postgraduate training programs on transport and related areas.

In addition with training and education, UTC is also the centre for scientific research and new technology application in the fields of road, railway, waterway, and airway transport, post and telecommunication, electrical and electronic engineering, mechanical engineering.

3. Degrees and Programs

3.1. Undergraduate Education: 10 branches with 33 specialities as follows:

- Road-Bridge Construction: tunnel and bridge, road, railways, bridge and railways, automation in bridge and road design, public transport works.

- Economics in Transport: economics in railways transport, economics in road, economics in road and water-way transport, economics in transport and tourism, economics in airway transport.

- Business Management: Business management in transport.

- Economics in Post and Telecommunication: economics in post and telecommunication.

- Economics in Construction: economics in transport works construction.

- Exploitation Technique-Economics in Transport: railway transport, road and urban-way transport, multi-mode transport, economics and transport in road and urban-way, urban transport planning and management.

- Specialised Mechanism: un-/load and construction machine, automobile mechanics, locomotive-wagon, transport construction mechanization, public transport mechanics, locomotive, wagon, ground equipment in aviation.

- Electric Wireless and Communication: informatics technique, telecommunication technique.

- Technical Cybernetics: Technical cybernetics in transport, transport signals.

- Electric and Electronic Engineering: electric equipment in industry and transport.

3.2. Postgraduate Education

· Master Degree in 4 branches as follows:

- Construction of Transport Works

- Transport Mechanics

- Administration in Transport

- Trade Administration in Post and Telecommunications

· Doctoral Degree in 13 branches as follows:

- Materials strength and structural mechanics

- Road construction machine and equipment

- Railway transport exploitation

- Urban way and automobile way construction

- Tunnel, bridge and railway/road pavement construction works

- Wagon manufacture and wagon branch

- Lifting machine

- Foundation soil mechanics and underground works

- Railway design and construction

- Locomotive and train pulling power

- Organization and management of railway transport production

- Organization and management of automobile transport production

- Organization and management of transport works construction

4. Academic Faculties

- Basic Sciences

- Mechanical Engineering

- Civil Engineering

- Transport-Economics

- Electric-Electronic Engineering

- Postgraduate Studies

- National Defense Education

- Marxist-Leninist Philosophy

- Physical Education

5. Centers and Facilities

- Consult and Inspection Center for Construction

- Consulting Center for Development of Transport

- Center for Environmental Technology and Science Research in Transport

- Construction Machine Center

- Center for Vocational Training and Application of Technique-Science in Transport

- Center for Automobile Research, Design and Repair

- Center for Communication- Signal- Telecommunication

- Center for Geotechnical Research

- Center for Railway Mechanical Engineering

- Center for CAD/CAM Technology

- Transport Company Ltd.

- Road Transport Company Ltd.

- Automobile Registration./.