National Economics University (NEU)

1. Foundation Date: The University was founded on January 25, 1956.

2. Mandate

As a leading university in the group of Vietnam economics universities, it acts as:

- A center for training and fostering economics and business administration officials of high quality with bachelor''''s, master''''s and doctoral degrees education in Vietnam;

- A center for research in economics, serving the training and policy planning of the Party, the Government, industries and localities as well as corporate business strategy;

- A center for consultation and transfer of technology in economic management and business administration;

The direction for development of the University is diversifying disciplines and fields of training, focusing on improvement of its training quality in the direction of academic integration into the region and the world.

3. Degrees and Programs

3.1. Undergraduate Education

- Bachelor in Economics, Business Administration, Banking and Finance, Accounting, Statistics and Informatics.

3.2. Postgraduate Education

- Master’s degree (MBA): 2-3 years.

- Doctoral degree (Ph.D.): 5 years (for those who have Bachelor degree) and 3 years (for those who have Master degree).

with various modes:

- Long-term full-time

- Long-term part-time

- Short-term

- Training courses facilitating the transition to the market economy.

4. Academic Faculties

15 faculties of professional education:

- Faculty of Informatics for Economics

- Faculty of Agriculture Economics and Rural Development

- Faculty of Industrial and Construction Business Management

- Faculty of Mathematics for Economics

- Faculty of Economic Statistics

- Faculty of Commercial Business Administration

- Faculty of Planning and Development

- Faculty of Labor Economics and Demography

- Faculty of Banking and Finance

- Faculty of Marketing

- Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management

- Faculty of Accounting

- Faculty of Management Science

- Faculty of International Economics and Business

- Faculty of Environmental and Urban Economics


4 units of professional training:

- Department of Economic and Business Law

- Department of Investment Economics

- Department of Insurance Economics

- Center for General Business Administration Training

2 faculties of training management and organization:

- Faculty of In-service Training

- Faculty of Postgraduate Training

2 faculties and 2 departments of general education:

- Faculty of Military training

- Faculty of Marxism-Leninism Science

- Department of Macroeconomics

- Department of Microeconomics

5. Institutes, Centers and Facilities

2 institutes and 8 centers:

- Institute of Business Administration

- Institute of Economics and Development Studies

- Center for Information, Achieves and Library

- Population Center

- Rural Development Center

- Continuing Education Center

- Center for Micro-finance Training and Consultancy

- Center for Information Technology in Economics and Management

- Foreign Languages Center for Economics

- Vietnam-French Center for Management Training

6. Faculty and Students

The University has 730 faculties, of which are 17 Professors, 36 Associate Professors, 183 Doctors (Dr.Sc. and Ph.D.) and 180 Masters.

Total enrollment is 30,000, of which are 13,000 full-time undergraduate students and the rest are in-service, second university degree and postgraduate students.

7. International Relations

In pursuit of academic excellence, NEU is eager to develop co-operation with domestic and foreign institutions.

The co-operation activities are focused on:

- Information and material exchange;

- Faculty and student exchange;

- Joint training and research projects;

- Joint organization of conferences and seminars.

In over 46 years of its existence, NEU has established co-operation with over 70 foreign institutions and universities, namely Moscow Economic and Statistic Sciences Institute (MESSI), University of Humboldt, University of London, Henley Management College, UniversitÐ de Paris 4, UniversitÐ de Paris 9, Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3, Paris Dauphine University, UniversitÐ Libre de Bruxelles, Australian National University, Swinburne University of Technology, University of Melbourne, Macquarie University, Victoria University of Wellington, Boise State University, Washington State University, Saint Michael’s College, University of Moncton, UniversitÐ du QuÐbec µ MontrÐal, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, AIT, ISS (Netherlands), Thammasat University, ABAC Assumption University, Khon Kaen, University of Prince of Songkla, Nanyang Polytechnic, National University of Singapore, Renmin University of China, Zhongnan University of Economics, Finance and Law, National University of Laos,...

In addition, NEU has had relations with many international organizations such as SIDA (Sweden), Ford Foundation (USA), CIDA (Canada), UNFPA, ODA (UK), Hanns Seidel (Germany), UNDP, WB, JICA, AUF, SAV./.