Hanoi University of Foreign Studies (HUFS)

1. Foundation Date: The University was founded on July 15th, 1959.

2. Mandate: to train interpreters, translators and teachers from B.A. to Ph.D. degrees in foreign studies and B.A in business, tourism and international studies, to provide ready-made and tailor-made courses, including Vietnamese upon request, and conducts research in language teaching methodologies and technologies.

Full-time and part-time training is provided through formal, informal, in-service, and on or off campus arrangements by HUFS itself or in partnership with local and foreign institutions.

3. Degrees and Programs

3.1. Undergraduate Education

- B.A. Programs in foreign studies: English, Russian, French, Chinese, Japanese, German, Korean, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese: 4 years.

- B.A. Program in Business Management: 4.5 years.

- B.A. Program in Vietnamese Studies: 4 years.

- B.A. Program in International Studies: 4.5 years.

- B.A. Program in Tourism: 4.5 years.

3.2. Postgraduate Education

- M.A. Programs in Applied Linguistics, TESOL: 2 years.

- M.A. Programs in TESOL: 2 years.

- Doctoral Degree (Ph.D.) program: 3 years.

3.3. Other Programs

- LSP, Tailor made language programs.

- Pre-departure training.

4. Departments

- English Dept.                 - German Dept.

- Russian Dept.                - Japanese Dept.

- French Dept.                  - Chinese Dept.

- Spanish Dept.                - Postgraduate Dept.

- Italian Dept.                  - In-service Training.

- Korean Dept.                 - Dept. of Business and Tourism.

- Vietnamese Dept.           - International Studies Dept.

Tailor-made training courses in other foreign languages such as Polish, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Rumanian, Czech, Slovak, Portuguese, Thai, etc. can be available upon request.

5. Centers and Facilities

5.1. Centers:

- English for Specific purposes and Resource Center

- Vietnamese Language

- Distance Education

- Testing and Evaluation

- Translation

- Aula Cervantes

- Korean Language

- Chinese Studies

- Student Counseling

- VAT Project.

5.2. General Training Sections:

- The Marxist-Leninist Political Science

- Vietnamese Language and Culture

- Informatics

- Physical Training.

5.3. Language Schools:

- 3 evening language schools in Hanoi

- Provincial centers.

5.4. Physical Facilities:

- Library and Information Center

- Language Laboratories and Multimedia Labs

- Student Dormitories, Canteen, Guest House, Sports Field, etc.

6. Teaching Staff

The University has its staff of 238 permanent teaching staff, half of which hold postgraduate degrees.

7. Enrollment

- Formal intensive:        6,000 students

- Part-time informal:     17,000 students.

8. International Relations

The University has established relations with a number of foreign institutions, universities and international organizations in the field of foreign studies training, research, staff and student exchange, curriculum and materials development.

HUFS has maintained relationship with institutions and universities in China, Japan, The Republic of Korea, Russia, Germany, Czech Republic, France, Portugal, Belgium, Spain, Egypt, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, Thailand, etc./.