Che Lam

Huong Canh commune about 25 kilometers to the west of Hanoi center consists of three small villages including Huong Canh, Ngoc Canh and Tien Canh.

Only in Bau and Noi hamlets (Tien Canh village) can “Che Lam” (a kind of sweetened porridge) be made the best. It is so sticky, fragrant, tasty, sweet that you will not fed up with it. This sweetened solid porridge is often served with tea.

The main ingredient to make “che Lam” is a kind of large size grained glutinous rice which is white and very sticky. Peanuts, molasses, and sesame are also necessary.

The glutinous rice is roasted and then ground. So are the peanuts. They are then mixed in molasses which is heated until it is sticky enough. Then shredded ginger will be added to get bitter and warm flavor. Finally, peanuts and sesame are scattered o­n the surface./.