Mrs My’s chicken rice soup

Hanoi is famous for delicious and simple dishes. Therefore, Hanoians have a simple pleasure of gastronomy. Chicken rice soup is o­ne of the elegant cuisines of Hanoians.

Perhaps, everyone must eat the rice soup at least o­nce from being in cradle to grown up. Rice soup is very familiar with Vietnamese, abundant in types and processes, and appears in all parts of the country. Rice soup is easy to eat and can be cooked with different ingredients, such as pork, chicken, oyster or eel. When it comes to soup in Hanoi, gourmets always think of the chicken soup at Mrs. My’s.

There are two addresses that diners can choose: No. 7 Nha Tho street and No. 47A Ly Quoc Su street.

Although the soup is a simple nosh, it is very delicious. According to Mrs. My, in order to cook delicious soup, the process of choosing rice and ladling soup out into a bowl is very important. The rice must be of good quality and should be mixed with sticky rice to make the viscidity and deliciousness.

Moreover, whether the soup is tasty of not depends o­n the chicken. Those chickens must be raised in the garden or in the mountainous areas. Young chickens should not be used to cook because they are insipid and tender. Instead, hens which lay eggs for the first time and have yellow feather are suggested to be used. The rice is simmered in chicken broth and boiled o­n the charcoal stove.

Chicken rice soup including shredded chicken, salted egg, o­nion and perilla is ladled out into a bowl and pepper or chilli is added. 

Chicken rice soup is often served with finger-shaped soufflé batter. o­nce you try this dish, you will never forget. Many former Hanoians living away from Hanoi really want to try Mrs. My’s chicken rice soup to find their past memories about the city./.