Vietnam National Hospital of Pediatrics

Originally established for the protection of children's health in the country, Vietnam National Hospital of Pediatrics had to undergo large scale destruction during the Vietnam War. Its reconstruction in 1975 led to its re-entry in the health care industry of Vietnam.

The Vietnam National Hospital of Pediatrics was based on the the model of the pediatric department of Bach Mai General Hospital in Hanoi. National Hospital of Pediatrics or NHP was declared by the Ministry of Health in Vietnam as the premier pediatric department of the country.

With an aim to provide pediatric care to the people, National Hospital of Pediatrics in Vietnam offers a wide range of health care facilities and services. The fields in which the hospital provides treatment include respiratory diseases, neurology, nephrology, cardiology, surgery, intensive care, emergency, psychiatry, infectious diseases, neonatology, surgical recovery, traditional East Asian medicine, psychotherapy, out-patient examination etc.

National Hospital of Pediatrics of Vietnam is also the national center for scientific research and training in pediatrics. Complicated surgeries in a large number of areas are carried out successfully in NHP in Vietnam.

The hospital has also achieved success in transplants of liver and bone marrow. The contribution that NHP has made to the health care industry of Vietnam is invaluable and the hospital has also played a crucial role in decreasing the mortality rates in the country./.(Mapsofworld)