Mai Huong Hospital Hanoi

Mai Huong Hospital Hanoi is a psychiatric hospital. Located at Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, this hospital offers medical services in the field of mental health. Mai Huong Hospital Hanoi operates according to the guidelines from World Health Organization. With an aim of providing community mental health care service, this hospital has earned a wide reputation in Vietnam.

The services of Mai Huong Hospital at Hanoi include providing information about illness and treatment, health care, psychology support, treatment of mental diseases, social help, help in crisis settlement, financial help, education, long term care, spirit demand, binding of families etc.

Two groups of patients who are treated in the Mai Huong Hospital in Vietnam include people with sub-acute and acute mental disorders and epileptic patients. The hospital also deals with modern day illnesses like emotional and behavioral disorders, disorders related to stress, depression, bipolar mental disorders, disorders due to drug abuse, special mental disorders etc.

Mai Huong Psychiatric Hospital of Vietnam offers psychotherapy, medicines and treatment, rehabilitation, children mental health care services, elderly mental health care services etc. Researches in mental health also take place in this hospital. With a team of expert and experienced professionals and modern technology and equipments, the Mai Huong Hospital Hanoi is a leading psychiatric hospital in Vietnam./.(Mapsofworld)