Viet Duc Hospital

Established in 1906, Viet Duc Hospital in Vietnam has undergone significant changes over the years of its operation and today consists of a large number of modern medical equipments to reach international health care standards. The hospital has 29 departments. Diagnosis and treatment of various kinds of diseases for people throughout the country is the main purpose of Viet Duc Hospital.

The faculty of medical personnels in Viet Duc Hospital consists of professors, assistance professors, doctors, nurses, technical assistants etc. A university hospital, Viet Duc Hospital of Vietnam is the leading health care center in the country in professional surgery. The hospital has dealt with 98,000 consultations cases, 14000 inpatient cases and 16000 cases of operations. Complicated surgeries and diagnosis and treatment of difficult diseases are the specialties of Viet Duc Hospital in Vietnam.

The main services offered by the hospital include consultation, treatment, emergency, training, research, prevention, operations, para clinical, clinical etc. Para clinical services include CT Scan, picture diagnose,X-Ray, endoscopic diagnose, blood transfusion, etc. Clinical services include digestive surgeries, traumatic-plastic surgeries, urinary surgeries, neurosurgeries, laser surgeries etc.

The Viet Duc Hospital has earned a reputation in a large number of fields like cardiovascular surgeries, neurosurgeries, endoscopic surgeries, liver removing surgery in liver cancer, plastic surgeries etc./.(Mapsofworld)