Bach Mai Hospital Vietnam

Located in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, Bach Mai Hospital Vietnam is a step towards the improvement of heath care in the country. Bach Mai Hospital in Vietnam receives financial aid from Japan and it aims at providing quality health care services in Vietnam. One of the most well-known hospitals in Vietnam, the Bach Mai hospital consists of well-trained and educated personnel including doctors, nurses, paramedics etc.

Through the upgradation of medical facilities and introduction of new and modern medical equipment, the Bach Mai Hospital Vietnam strives to be the best in the country. The Vietnamese government is taking various measures to train the medical personnel of the hospital. Bach Mai Hospital of Vietnam includes a variety of faculties like laboratories, surgical operation theaters, pharmacy, neurological department, cardiology department, dental department etc.

Bach Mai Hospital Vietnam was in limelight recently during the outbreak of SARS epidemic in the country. Being the primary facility in Vietnam for treatment and isolation, Bach Mai Hospital helped the country in rapid control and eradication of the SARS disease.

Spread over 6 floors and with various medical departments and a large faculty of medical staff, Bach Mai Hospital Vietnam stands as one of the leading hospitals in the country./.(Mapsofworld)