Hanoi’s millennium marked abroad

Vietnamese Ambassador to Laos Ta Minh Chau on Oct. 11 gave a reception to the delegation of the overseas Vietnamese community in Laos who had returned from the grand celebrations of Hanoi ’s millennium.

At the function held in Vientiane , President Hoang Dieu of the Vietnamese People Federation in Laos said that the federation has donated 50 million VND to help flood victims in central Vietnam .

Earlier, on Oct. 10, the Vietnamese embassy in Algeria held a celebration to mark the 1,000 th anniversary of Thang Long-Hanoi in the capital city of Algiers .

Addressing the event, Vietnamese Ambassador Do Trong Cuong reviewed the country’s historical ups and downs and called on the overseas Vietnamese community in Algeria to contribute to the construction of the capital city and the nation.

Former Algerian Ambassador to Vietnam Boucherif Nacer wished the Hanoians and Vietnamese people prosperity and more achievements.

Honorary President of the Algeria-Vietnam Friendship Association Abdelkrim Hassani expressed his admiration at the 1,000-year-old capital city and said he would visit the city soon.

At a music festival to mark Hanoi ’s 1,000 th birthday in China , Vietnamese Ambassador Nguyen Van Tho said that wherever they go, all Vietnamese people look toward the homeland.

He called on the Vietnamese people in China to take part in practical activities and contribute their intelligence and strengths to the country and the capital city’s prosperity.

The festival raised nearly 1,570 USD and 5,835 CHY for flood victims in Vietnamm.

For the same purpose, the Vietnamese embassy in Mexico held a celebration on Oct. 9 in which Ambassador Pham Van Que called on the Vietnamese people in the country to contribute to consolidating the nation’s image on the international arena and expanding the fine relationship with the resident country.

He took the occasion to appeal for donations for flood victims in the homeland’s central provinces./.