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Young Glutinous Rice

Hanoi autumn is beautiful with sunlight and breeze. The fragrance of spring rice flake is disseminated in small alleys in Vong Village.

If “Com” is considered the most unique speciality of Hanoi, Vong Village can be called the cradle of this food. People who enjoy “Com” are often flooded with a lot of feelings. People commonly welcome a new autumn with falling leaves, sunlight and breeze.
Com Vong wrapped in a green lotus leaf is delicious with the flavor of young glutinous rice.

It is said that “Com” wrapped in lotus leaves contains a pure fragrant flavor. Inside those lotus leaves are young “ray” leaves, which keep up the greenness of Com and make it glutinous and delicious. There are two main kinds of Com: “Com dau nia” (Com la me) and “Com giot”. only in Vong Village can people enjoy “Com la me”, which respectively is as thin and sweet as tamarind leaf and sticky rice. And “Com giot”, a kind of young glutinous rice, is full of milk. Not only is Vong Village famous for being the cradle of Com but Vong villagers also show their respect to this dish.

Com Vong is specially delicious and not mixed no matter how much or less it is sold. Therefore, Com Vong is better than Com Me Tri-a village next door-, which is thick and hard. In the past, there used to be Com Lu- another village in the same region - however, the way of making Com has now fallen in oblivion. Few people mention of it or it is only described in the books.

Com appears in 2 seasons. According to the lunar calendar, the first season falls in April with “Com chien” and the second one is from July to late September with “Com chin”. In the cool weather of autumn, it is pleasant for Hanoians to enjoy Com Vong.

This young sticky rice is tender, sweet and pure. Hanoians often enjoy each grain and eat together with banana covered with black spots. A lot of expatriates who repay a visit to Hanoi really want to make the most of the feelings of returning their motherland./.Hanoi Times

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