11/12/2009 | 10:58:00

Vietnamese, US students study water resources in Hanoi

About 40 Vietnamese and US university students are studying water resource science and policies on a special course in Hanoi.

During the course, the brainchild of the University of Miami ’s Daniel Suman, students are learning about water resources by practising, experiencing and travelling with support from a grant from a university consortium on the US Atlantic coast.

The Hanoi University of Mining and Geology is hosting the course. Pham Quy Nhan, from its Department of Geology, is a co-ordinator.

About 18 undergraduate and graduate US students were joined by a similar number from different departments at the Hanoi university.

During the three-week course, which ends on July 4, classes are covering water pollution, drinking water, wastewater treatment, groundwater, wetlands, water resources management, international river basins, water and agriculture, dams and integrated coastal management.

During the course, students have visited sites of interest related to water resources in and near Hanoi , including Hong (Red) River, a drinking water treatment plant in Hanoi ’s Thanh Tri district, a 500ha mangrove restoration site and fish and shrimp aquaculture ponds in Hai Phong city./.

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