11/08/2010 | 17:51:01

Vietnam - attractive destination for tourists, investors

Major changes during the past three decades have made Vietnam an attractive destination for tourists, investors, and businesses worldwide, affirmed Research and Markets company.

In its July 2010 report on Vietnam Investment Environment, the leading supplier of international market research and market data, added that Vietnam is a developing and an ambitious country. There are many stories about this S-curve shape country in Southeast Asia . Most of the time Vietnam is known to the world thanks to Vietnam War. But Vietnam has many more to offer.

In the summary report posted on "http://www.researchandmarkets.com", the company is in the opinion that it is worth risk taking for making investment or doing business in Vietnam , where a market economy began in early 2000s and the government started the Renewal Process since 1986 - the greatest transformation of the country since the 1975 reunification. It said WTO entry in 2007 let Vietnam further integrate into the global economy.

The report examines both the investment environment in Vietnam which is applicable to overseas investors and the landscape of international investment conducted by Vietnamese enterprises recently.

It provides details on key macroeconomic indicators, trends of foreign investment in Vietnam , taxation issues, and banking system. It also provides details on legal basis, forms of foreign investment, merger and acquisition, regulation and licensing in telecommunications, privatisation and liberalisation of the telecom market, and the new telecommunications law./.

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