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Vermicelli mixes with fish soup

There is a simple meal that Hanoians can enjoy whenever and wherever they want. That is “bun ca”- vermicelli mixes with fish soup.

Watching a school girl eating her bowl of vermicelli on Hang Luoc street, I couldn’t help my greediness so I cancelled my trip around Hanoi just for this dish. There are dozens of different kinds of vermicelli. Some are simple while others are special, which appear all year round. o¬nly vermicelli and sour crab soup cooked with oleaster or fish soup appear in their own season. In the late of March (lunar calendar), oleaster tree is ripe and laden with juicy fruits.

Furthermore, it is the season when ricefield crabs produce offsprings. Crab soup cooked with oleaster creates a special red color, which distinguishes it from others. However, “bun rieu” is not as delicious as “bun ca”.

People have to wait till the season of water cropwort from December to February (lunar calendar) to enjoy a real vermicelli and fish soup. Water cropwort combining with “bun ca” creates a special flavour. Without it, “bun ca” looks like an unattractive girl sitting lonely, according to Hanoians. Snake fish used in “bun ca” should be from 0.3 to 0.5 kilogram. It is advisable to scale, cut the fins, slice and fry the fish.

Bones and fish’s head should be stewed well, added with spices, spring o¬nions and shredded dill and boiled again. Then fish soup is completed. The roots of water cropwort should be cut, cleaned, sliced and stired with tomato. It is great to serve when this dish is hot. Vermicelli and fish soup or crab soup in Hanoi is far different from that of other provinces. It is impossible for visitors to help visiting 36 ancient and busy streets and enjoying traditional food in Hanoi. Hanoi is really a city of peace and love./.Hanoi Times

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