18/09/2009 | 10:31:00

“Thousand-year Thang Long-Hanoi” website debuts

A website to introduce the capital city of Hanoi’s thousand-year history, as well as the tangible and intangible cultural traditions, of the country in general and Hanoi’s ancient citadel in particular, went on-line on August 11.

This is part of preparations for Thang Long-Hanoi’s millennial anniversary celebrations in 2010.

The website, http://www.thanglonghanoi.gov.vn, offers netizens at home and abroad columns related to music and songs about Hanoi, images and documentary films about the capital in the past and at present, and information on Hanoi streets.

The site, entitled “Thousand-Year Thang Long-Hanoi”, includes a column on the “Study and Follow Uncle Ho’s Example” campaign, a collection of studies on Thang Long-Hanoi, and preparative activities to celebrate the capital’s 1,000th birthday next year./.

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