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The Tay Son dynasty

In the summer of 1786, the Tay Son armies led by Nguyen Hue overpowered the Trinh Lord, the position which had existed for 241 years (from 1545 to 1786).

During this period 194 years had been spent in Thang Long. On July 21st, 1786 Tay Son troops gained control of Thang Long, and ended the division of Dang Trong and Dang Ngoai, and reunified the country after 2 centuries.

The Le dynasty came back to control the country. Nguyen Hue married Princess Le Ngoc Han in Thang Long and then returned to the South.

The Emperor Le Chieu Thong could not manage to rule the country, rival forces had risen up many times to seize power. Nguyen Hue came back to Thang Long twice to suppress the rebels. At the end of the year 1788, Le Chieu Thong left for China to enlist the help of the Chinese feudal empire.

On December 16th, 1788 a 290,000 strong Thanh (Qing) army pressed their expansion to Dai Việt to the rescue of the feudal lords. Immediately Nguyen Hue left Phu Xuan (now Hue City) for Bac Ha (the northern region). On the way, he installed himself as Emperor Quang Trung.

With excellent military talent and a daring strategy, on January 5th, 1789, Tay Son troops led directly by Quang Trung, drove out 290,000 Thanh (Qing) invaders at Ngoc Hoi - Dong Da, and they seized control of Thang Long. However only a part of Quang Trung's army stayed in Thang Long, the rest returned to Phu Xuan.

At that time Thang Long was only a city of the north, called Bac Thanh. Phu Xuan became the capital of the country with the Emperor Quang Trung. The Tay Son dynasty existed for 24 years from the Emperor Thai Duc to the Emperor Canh Thinh./.

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