24/09/2009 | 15:22:00

Super North Gate in Hanoi

With the height of about 9 metres and a sophisticatedly decorated stone arch, the North Gate citadel is not really high but magnitude.

From the gate of the citadel, under 2 brick layers of eight curved roofs imitating pagoda style, it is easy to recognize the whole bell tower of North Gate Church whose unique beauty can not be seen from other position.

From this place, moreover, visitors can see round canopies of green trees which are up and down as a flock of fighting elephants overflowing to every direction.

Listening carefully and sincerely, visitors seem to hear slight murmur sound in the breeze, which is difficult to recognize where it is come from -from the clouds, the trees or the echo of old battles?

Right in this North Gate citadel, at least two great battles shaking the earth happened and devoted the history of national defending two immortal names: The general-governor of Hanoi Nguyen Tri Phuong and The general-governor of Hanoi Hoang Dieu.

The first attack of French army on the citadel was on November 20th, 1873. The general-governor Nguyen Tri Phuong personally joined in the west of the battle to fight against the enemy but he was wounded and captured by French.

The second combat on April 25th, 1882 seemed to be more tenser and fiercer between the army of the major Henri Riviere and the general-governor Hoang Dieu’s one. The rows of thatched cottage on Hang Bun Street and HangThan Street were burning formidably. Burning fire rose sky-high and seemed to painfully reflected in every evening clouds in Hanoi.

It is said that the battle started to break in the direction of the North gate. As time passed by, in spite of the two traces of cannon-bullets as wound to death on it, the North Gate is still solemn and imposing./.


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