24/09/2009 | 15:20:00

Quang Ba night flower market

Quang Ba night flower market is considered the terminal market where most various kind of flowers in Hanoi are sold.

This night flower market is held all the year round without any day-off. When Tet holiday is coming, visiting night flower market becomes a pleasure of many Hanoians.

Quang Ba market is gathered at about 2 a.m. All flower buying and selling activities take place in dubious light from several scattered food stalls nearby.

At that time, people from Hanoi’s neighbouring provinces, mostly from the city of Hai Phong, come there to buy flowers, load them o­n trucks and bring them to the city.

Flowers at Quang Ba market are regarded as the most beautiful and freshest of all. They come from many places, such as Quang Ba, Nghi Tam, Nhat Tan, Dam-Cau Dien, from farther areas like Dong Anh, Soc Son, Me Linh or much farther aras like Sapa in the Northern mountainous region or Da Lat in Central Highlands.

Quang Ba market becomes more crowded and busier than ever o­n yearly Tet Holiday. Beside frequent customers including flower shop owners in Hanoi, many unexpected visitors, mostly young people, go there to seek the Tet’s atmosphere through the cheerful colour of flowers.

When the sun is rising from the horizon and colourful flowers are boastful in every corner of Hanoi, it is time for Quang Ba market to draw to an end. one day when you are far away from Hanoi, you will miss a colourful and fragrant corner of Quang Ba night flower market./.


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