11/12/2009 | 11:06:00

Photo show brings Hanoi to Paris

A photo exhibition portraying the life, sceneries and people of Hanoi was opened at the Vietnam Cultural Centre in Paris, France on Oct. 9.

Nearly 100 pictures on display at the “Hanoi Today” exhibition were shot by Dominique de Miscault, a French painter, sculptor and installation artist.

The photos are only part of a collection of thousands of pictures Dominique had taken during her visits to Vietnam .

“I first came to Vietnam in 1992 and I have been back more than 20 times. Each time I wander around the streets, I can feel apparent changes in the people’s life there, especially in Hanoi which has become richer and larger,” the painter said. “I hope it can preserve its unique attraction forever,” she added.

So far, Dominique de Miscault has organised 15 exhibitions under various themes on the life and culture of Vietnamese people throughout France and Vietnam and published the “Hanoi Today” book.

As an editor-in-chief of the France-Vietnam Perspective Magazine, a publication by the France-Vietnam Friendship Association, Dominique has written many articles about the country and people of Vietnam as well as the traditional friendship between the two countries.

She has frequently joined in fund-raising activities to support victims of Agent Orange/dioxin in Vietnam .

For her significant contributions, she was awarded the “For the Cause of the Vietnamese Press” Medal by the Vietnam Journalists Association in 2006./.

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