06/10/2010 | 15:11:33

International workshop to discuss Hanoi

An international workshop will discuss the values and traditions that have taken form from the 1000-year development history of Hanoi on the occasion of the capital city’s millennial anniversary.

The three-day workshop, which is to open on October 7 under the theme “sustainable development of the culture, heroic capital, the city of peace” draws the participation of 146 international delegations from ten countries, including Japan, China, United States, Russia, India, the Republic of Korea, Germany, Australia, Laos and Thailand.

More than 150 reports will be presented at the workshop, focusing on four main groups of issues, covering the aspects of politics, history, culture, socio-economy, resources, ecological environment, space planning and urban architecture planning.

Participants are also expected to make proposals on a strategy for Hanoi ’s sustainable development in the coming decades./.

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