05/10/2009 | 11:23:11

Hanoi, the Economy and the Anti-US War

Soon after the take-over Hanoi began to build the foundation of socialism (with the first 5-year plan covering 1954-60, and the second covering 1960-65) which had to rapidly develop the capital into the political and economic centre of the whole country, and be a powerful rear base for the liberation of the south and the reunification.

After just 10 years establishing work creatively Hanoi had become the political and cultural centre of the North, and set an important foundation for a new industry with about 200 enterprises, big and small, in operation.

In 1965, having foreseen their failure in the south the US imperialists began to wage a war of destruction against North Vietnam. They mobilised the marine and air forces at their disposal. In 1966 the war reached Hanoi, starting an important step towards escalation.

The Pentagon led a bloody campaign against Hanoi, which they claimed to bring Hanoi back to the Stone Age: carpet bombing with thousands of bombs. Many streets, schools, hospitals and industrial centres were rased to the ground. The remarkable thing about the people of Hanoi was that despite the heavy destruction, they could still protect the fruits of the revolution, and the age-old cultural heritage. The elderly people, children, factories and offices were evacuated away from the city.

The Hanoi people and army brought down 358 aircraft, of which 23 were B52 strategic bombers and 2 F111s. The glorious victory of Hanoi not only strengthened the will of the South Vietnamese people and but also proved the role of a strong rear foundation towards the final victory of our nation in the spring of 1975./.

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