21/09/2009 | 10:54:00

Hanoi plans to fill 2009 with friendship activities

The Vietnam Union of Friendship Organisations (VUFO) is planning to organise numerous friendship activities to spotlight Vietnam ’s state and its people and the beauty and charm of its capital,  Hanoi.     
These acitivities aim to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Hanoi being bestowed with the title, “A city for peace”, which has been officially    recognised by UNESCO, as well as the 55th anniversary of liberation of the the capital and the upcoming millennial Thang Long –   Hanoi   celebrations.    
The planned activities and events include a competition named “Hanoi, your destination”, published in six languages for foreigners and overseas Vietnamese , an international drawing competition to promote peace, a music festival and an international food festival for ambassadresses and ambassadors’ wives, as well as female officials employed by embassies and international organisations in Vietnam.    
There will also be a schedule of seminars and talks, focusing on diplomacy and culture, with the participation of representatives from friendship organisations, cultural and historic researchers and diplomats./.

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