26/02/2010 | 09:09:02

Hanoi plans projects for north-east districts

Hanoi's Department of Architecture and Planning has revealed master plans for two major construction complexes in its north-eastern districts of Soc Son and Dong Anh.

In Dong Anh, the department and the district People's Committee handed in detailed plans for a complex that included a trade centre, park and lake for Dong Anh Trading and Tourism Co. Ltd. The complex will be built on 562,642 sq. m under the administrative management of Kim Chung, Hai Boi and Kim No communes.

The planners said that the major function of the complex would be as a trade centre, but other supporting infrastructure like storage and supply -chain systems would also be included.

The highest construction will be the seven-storey managing centre in the complex's Section A, which will also contain a display centre, storage facilities and parking lots.

Section B will consist of a park, lake and pathways. This open-air section can be used for outdoor activities to help surrounding residents release stress.

In Soc Son, the blueprint for the district's industrial complex is ready for construction on 203.9ha in Mai Dinh, Quang Tien and Tien Duoc communes.

The architects said that the major objectives of the complex were to provide synchronous infrastructures as well as services for the district's small and medium industrial enterprises.
The complex comprises three sub-sections that are divided following the possible scale of enterprises.

Four separate projects are also ready to support the industrial complex's construction. They are a relocation project for displaced families, a project to build vocational training schools, a housing project for the complex's workers and a project to install all supporting infrastructures such as water pipelines, electricity networks and roads.

The designers also included safe corridors between the complex and local residential areas.

Local authorities said that 90 percent of the land used for the complex is ineffective for crops. Yet more than 3,600 people will be displaced, who will need privileged care from the authorities to find other jobs after their land is taken.

The major constructions are in accordance with a master plan to expand the capital city to the north and north-east to form a new city along both banks of the Red River./. 
(Source: VNA)


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