18/09/2009 | 10:34:00

Hanoi plans building strategy until 2050

Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai has asked a number of international consultants to consider strategies aimed at conserving historical sites and improving the traffic and sewerage systems in Hanoi up until 2050.

The Deputy PM made the suggestion on August 3 after discussing the findings of the international consultancy group PPJ’s report on a master plan for Hanoi up until 2030 with a vision to 2050 .

He advised the PPJ and the State Steering Board on Hanoi Planning, which met for the second time to evaluate the two strategies, to build a key metropolis along the Hong river, surrounded by satellite townships such as Soc Son, Hoa Lac and new cities in the former Ha Tay province.

“Research on a project to build a new urban centre along the banks of the Red river should continue as part of Hanoi ’s master plan,” he added.

He also approved five options regarding the national administrative centre, which suggested a further expansion of the capital city’s green belt.

“Sewerage plays an important role in any Hanoi planning as the capital sits on the lower reaches of numerous rivers and sufferers greatly from climatic changes,” Hai said.

In its report, the PPJ made it clear that the consultancy group has conducted research on 744 projects in the capital city to draw up a map identifying problems that need to be solved such as traffic, administration, housing, land management and the environment.

The international consultancy agency brought up five solutions for these problems, including the construction of a green belt and more effective ways of managing the traffic system, industry, agriculture, administrations, housing and the technical infrastructure.

The final selection for the consultancy agency for the verification of project should be made within August end this August so the final report can be submitted to the National Assembly by the end of this year, after the third and final hearing of the report from the PPJ./.

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