21/09/2009 | 11:20:49

Hanoi opens its eyes to new hospital

A new eye hospital will be officially opened in Hanoi on Feb. 19. 
The Vietnam-Russia International Ophthalmology Hospital (VRIOH) is the result of an agreement regarding personal healthcare between Vietnam and Russia , which was passed during State President Nguyen Minh Triet’s visit to Russia last year. 
The hospital, which has been established by the VRIOH joint stock company and Russia’s MNTK Fyodorov centre, is equipped with state-of-the-art medical facilities from Germany, Japan, the US, Sweden and Russia. 
The hospital, which offers advanced medical procedures, will benefit from MNTK Fyodorov’s 25-years of experience in the field. 
Addressing a press conference on February 17, Khrisio Takhchidi, MNTK Fyodorov’s director said that the new hospital will provide the diagnosis and treatment of eye problems for the city’s residents. 
The hospital will also house a pediatric eye ward, providing eye treatment for Vietnamese children, he added. 
VRIOH’s general director, Duong Chi Kien, said that cost of treatment at the hospital will be affordable for most Vietnamese people. 
The MNTK Fyodorov representative is scheduled to visit   Ho Chi Minh City to discuss plan to open a similar branch hospital in the country’s largest southern economic hub./.

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