20/07/2010 | 11:29:34

Hanoi hosts third ASEAN forum on migrant labour

Increasing sustainable jobs for migrant workers through information services and promoting safe and legal migration through training programmes were issues tabled for discussion on the first day of the third ASEAN forum on migrant labour in Hanoi.

The two-day forum entitled “Enhancing awareness and information services to protect the rights of migrant workers” opened on July 19, drawing more than 100 delegates from ASEAN members, international, social and non-governmental organisations and a number of businesses involving in labour export.

The participants also discussed the provision of quality information on supply and demand for migrant workers, education and assistance to migrant workers and the role of trade unions.

They touched upon laws for foreigners working in Vietnam , safe migration for ASEAN female workers and protecting Vietnamese workers’ rights in foreign countries.

The participants put forth proposals, aimed at enhancing information on migrant workers’ rights in host countries and providing information at migrant workers’ request at the working sites and mechanisms to disseminate such information.

Implementing these proposals will enhance cooperation among the concerned parties in protecting migrant worker rights and assist the implementation of the ASEAN Declaration on the Promotion and the Protection of the Rights of Migrant Workers (ACMW) as well as help compile the regional document on protecting migrant worker rights, the forum said.

The forum is the third annual activity of ASEAN members and part of the action programme of the ASEAN Committee on the Implementation of the ACMW.

The first and second forum that took place in the Philippines and Thailand focused on how to implement the ASEAN Declaration and discussed the main contents of the regional document on protecting migrant worker rights./.

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