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Hanoi University of Water Resources

1. Foundation Date: The University was founded in 1959.

2. Mandate

Hanoi University of Water Resources is a leading and unique University, educating human resources at undergraduate and postgraduate education for the entire country in Water Resources Development Sector.

Experienced in more than 42 years of construction & development, the University has proved its role as the greatest center for training & scientific research for production in the whole country on Water Resources Sector.

The engineers graduated from this University are key technical staff of the Water Resources Sector and actively participate in other sectors such as Civil Construction, Traffic and Transport, Hydro-Meteorology, Energy, National Defense, Aquaculture and Agriculture and others.

3. Degrees and Programs

3.1. Undergraduate Education: 5 years

Training engineers in 10 branches:

- Hydrology and Environment

- Coastal Engineering

- Hydraulic Construction

- Hydro-power

- Water Resources Economics

- Construction Machinery & Hydraulics Equipment

- Planning & Management of Water Resources Systems

- Rural Development

- Infrastructure Engineering

- Information Technology

3.2. Postgraduate Education

- Master of Engineering degree (M.Eng.):

+ 2 years (full-time)

+ 3 years (6 months per year)

- Doctor of Engineering degree (Dr. or Ph.D.):

+ 3 years (for candidate with M.Eng. or M.Sc.)

+ 5 years (for candidate with Engineer)

4. Academic Faculties

- Hydrology & Environment

- Planning & Management of Water Resources Systems

- Hydraulic Construction

- Hydro-power

- Water Resources Economics

- Construction Machinery & Hydraulics Equipment

- Information Technology

- Postgraduate Studies

- In-service Training

5. Centers and Facilities

5.1. Centers for scientific research and field application

- Representative Center for Central area of Vietnam site in Phan Rang town

- Representative Office for Highland area of Vietnam site in Buon Ma Thuot city

- Center for Applied Hydrology & Environmental Engineering (CAHENE)

- Center for Water Resources Research and Engineering Application

- Center for Mechanical science & Machine Technology of Water Resources

- Board for Consultant of Design & Qualitative Verification of Construction

- Consultant & Technology Transfer Company (CTC)

5.2. Laboratories and Facilities

- Center for Information Technology

- Center for Foreign Language Training

- Integrated Hydraulic Laboratory

- Laboratory of Chemistry and Environment

- Laboratory of Basic Physics

- Laboratory of Material Strength

- Laboratory of Structure Engineering

- Laboratory of Construction Materials

- Laboratory of Geotechnical Engineering

- Laboratory of Land Reclamation

- Laboratory of Electric Engineering

- Laboratory of Language Pronunciation

- Mechanical Workshop

- Library

- Printing Workshop

- Service Center

6. Lecturers and Students

The total of staff includes 520, in which 343 are teaching staff. The University has 8 Professors, 27 Associate Professors, 92 Doctors and Ph.D., 76 Masters.

The total number of students studying in the University: 7,000

Full-time students: 5,000

Part-time students: 1,700

Master and Ph.D. students: 300

7. International Relations

Hanoi University of Water Resources has cooperative relations in training and scientific research with universities and institutes in the world such as Netherlands, Denmark, China, England, France, Germany, Japan, Sweden, Israel, India, Russia, United States of America, Republic of Korea,... as well as consultant companies and international organizations such as UNDP, OXFAM, ESCAP, PAM, EC, MCC, ILO, ITOCHU, ZCLO, British Council, AIT, Mekong river committee, etc./.

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