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Hanoi University of Law

1. Date of Foundation: 10th November, 1979.

2. Training Task: to train Bachelor of Law, Master of Law and Doctor of Law.

Training duration:

- Bachelor of Law: 4 years

- Master of Law: 2 years

- Doctor of Law: 4 years

3. Professional Departments

- Department of State and Administrative Laws

- Department of Justice

- Department of Economic Law

- Department of International Law

- Department of In-Service Training

- Department of Postgraduate Training

4. Centres

- Commercial and Investment Law Research Centre

- Research Center Against Crimes

- Research Center on Organization of State Apparatus

- ASEAN Law Research Center

- Scientific Information Center

5. Faculty and Students

Staff: The University''s staff is 429 in total, among them 270 are lecturers (70 of those hold Professor, Doctor and Master degrees).

Number of students:

+ Full-time students: 4,000

+ Part-time students: 7,000

+ Second University degree: 168

+ Postgraduate students: 384

6. International Relations

The University has officially co-operated with a number of international universities and organizations such as:

Vientiane Law University (Laos Democratic Republic)

Paris University II (Republic of France)

Melbourne University (Australia)

Umeo University, Lund University (Sweden)

University of San Francisco (America)

University of Philippines (The Philippines)

National School for Judges Training, National School for Clerks Training (Republic of France)

Institution of Raoul Wallenberg


SIDA (Sweden)

Asian Development Bank

China University of Political Science and Law, Yunnan University (China)./.

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