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Hanoi University of Industrial Fine Arts

1. Foundation Date:

The University was founded on September 3rd, 1965 with the initial name as the National Fine Arts Junior College and on November 18th, 1984, it was renamed as Hanoi University of Industrial Fine Arts.

2. Mandate:

To provide higher education in industrial design and related fields through its bachelor training programs on industrial fine arts science. Besides theoretical instruction, research and technology transfer are carried out and extended from basic to strategic and applied programs, focusing on increasing public awareness of the industrial design, increasing aesthetics and functions of industrial art objects, preserving traditional culture, craft villages and applying modern techniques, etc.

3. Degrees and Training Programs

3.1. Undergraduate Education

- Bachelor of Industrial Design (in 13 specialties).

3.2. Postgraduate Education

- Master of Industrial Design: 2 years.

4. Academic Faculties, Centers & Workshop


- Faculty of Fundamental Sciences

- Faculty of Basic Fine Arts

- Faculty of Industrial Design

- Graphic Faculty

- Faculty of Interior & Exterior Decoration

- Faculty of Traditional Fine Arts.


- Center of Regular Training (its functions are to organize and manage teaching activities such as in-service training courses, short-term courses, and preparation course for preparing students with special abilities of fine arts for entrance examinations in universities, colleges and professional schools, etc.)

- Applied Fine Arts Research & Development Center


- Research & Experimentation Workshop.

5. Teachers & Students

The teaching staff of 114, including 1 Associate Professors, 4 Doctors, 4 Masters and remaining being Bachelors.

Total enrollment: 1,357, including

- Full-time students: 409

- Part-time students (in-service system, special courses): 557

- Postgraduate: 30

- Junior college system: 361

6. International Relations

University of Industrial Fine Arts has cooperated and exchanged relations on science and art information on various domains of industrial design with regional and international countries. The University has close relations with

- Stroganobk – Moscow Industrial Design University

- Halle – Burg Giebichenstein – German Industrial Design University

- Institute of Central Industrial Fine Arts of China

- Guangxi (China) Aesthetic Academy

- Japan’s Association of Designers

- Finland’s Polytechnic University etc.

In addition, the University has cooperated with various international organizations and agencies of different countries, including Laos, Cuba, Russia, France, Mongolia, Thailand, Korea and USA./.

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