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Hanoi University of Culture (HUC)

1. Foundation Date:

The University was founded on March 26th, 1959.

2. Mandate: to provide higher education, postgraduate education, foster the staff in cultural field, and to do scientific research on related fields.

3. Degrees and Programs

3.1. Undergraduate Education

- B.Sc. in Public Culture, Library and Information, Museum and Preservation, Culture and Tourism, Books Distribution, and Culture Management of Ethnic Minority: 4 years.

3.2. Postgraduate Education

- Master’s degree (M.Sc.): 3 years.

4. Academic Faculties

- Public Culture

- Library and Information

- Museum and Preservation

- Culture and Tourism

- Books Distribution

- Culture Management of Ethnic Minority

- In-service Training

- Marxism-Leninism

- Postgraduate Training.

5. Centers and Institutions

- Library and Information Centers

- Cultural Institution

- Nguyen Du Literature Writing Institution.

6. Faculty and Students

The teaching staff of 125 includes 4 Associate Professors, 15 Ph.D., 38 Masters and 68 Bachelors.

Total enrollment: 4,032

- Full-time students: 2514

- Part-time students: 1,518

7. International Relations

In pursuit of academic excellence and relevance in teaching, research and extension, HUC is strongly willing to develop collaboration with domestic and foreign institutions.

The co-operation activities are focused on:

- Exchange of academic information and materials;

- Exchange of faculty staff and students;

- Development of joint research projects/programs;

- Joint organization of conferences and training courses.

For over forty years of its existence, HUC has established co-operation with the following foreign institutions and universities:

- Moscow National University, Saint Petersburg University of Culture, Puskin Literature Institution, Maxim Gorki Literature Institution (Russia)

- Humboldt University (Germany)

- National Institution of Oriental Linguistics and Civilization (France)

- Vienna Literature Institution (Austria)

- Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand)

- University of Western Sydney Nepean, Canberra University, Charles Sturt University (Australia)

- Philippines University (The Philippines)

- The Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies (Korea)

- Rajabhat Institution, Chiangmai, Mahasarakham University, Chiangmai Teacher’s College, Pitsanulok Teacher’s College (Thailand)./.

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