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Hanoi University of Business and Management (Hubm)

1. Foundation Date

The Hanoi University of Business and Management (HUBM) was founded by the Decision No.405/TTg dated 15 June 1996 by the Prime Minister of Vietnam. It is a non-governmental educational institution based in Hanoi, Vietnam.

2. Mandate

Hanoi University of Business and Management lies in the higher education system of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. It aims at training practical-oriented economists, cultivating people as key executives for multi-forms of enterprises (being an assistant, director, manager of commerce, finance, foreign affairs and administration comprehensively referred to as business managers).

Comprehensive education quality is the biggest concern of the HUBM, which not only focuses on a wide range of knowledge, but also places a great importance on professional skills. HUBM''s students are comprehensively educated in their erudition of knowledge and skills of specialization on business concepts, business operation, business administration and management, methods of analysis, ways of thinking, ways of working, and sense of creativity. Special attention is paid to nurturing and fostering the students'' talent and to improving their qualifications and physical fitness.

3. Degrees and Academic Programs

3.1. Undergraduate Education

- Bachelor''s Degree of Business Management

- Bachelor''s Degree of English as a Foreign Language

- Bachelor''s Degree of Computer Science.

3.2. Postgraduate Education: Preparation for Master''s Degree

4. Faculties

- Mathematics

- Philosophy and Social Science

- Economics

- Economic Law

- Business English

- Computer Science

- Enterprise Business Management

- Commerce

- Accounting & Finance

- National Defense and Physical Education

- Special Studies Course (short-term training programs)

- Vocation- Orientation Training Programs.

5. Institutes and Centers

- Research Institute of Business Management

- Development and Consultancy Company

- Business English Testing & Examination Centre-BETEC.

6. Staff and Students

The University is staffed with 164 teaching cadres, including 6 Professors, 11 Associate Professors, 5 Dr. Sc., 29 Ph.D., 15 Master''s Degree and 98 Bachelor''s Degree holders. In addition, there are 126 guest-lecturers, including 01 Prof. Dr., 8 Assoc. Prof. Dr., 45 Dr. Sc. and Ph.D., 12 Senior Lecturers and 60 Masters.

Enrollment: 7,200

- Full-time students: 5,600

- Part-time students: 1,600

7. International Relations

In the pursuance of academic excellence and relevance in teaching, research and extension, HUBM is strongly willing to develop its flexible and diversified collaborations and co-operation with domestic and overseas institutions.

The co-operation activities are centered on:

- Exchange of academic information and materials

- Exchange of faculty-level staff and students

- Development of joint-research project/programs

- Joint-organization of conferences and training courses.

For over six years of its existence and growth, HUBM has established its co-operation with the following international educational institutions such as Saxion University (the Netherlands), National University (China), Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (Australia), British Council, GAP (England), United Business Institute-Brussels (Belgium), General Engineering Co., Ltd., Nagoya University, Nasic (Japan), Soft Promotion Co., Ltd. (Korea), Nilai College (Malaysia), National University of Singapore (Singapore), and Bringham Young University-Hawaii Campus (U.S.A.).

In addition, HUBM has also bridged its relations with other international organizations such as UNDP, WB, and ADB./.

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