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Hanoi University of Architecture

1. Foundation Date: September 17th, 1969.

2. Functions

2.1. Undergraduate Training: 5 years

- Architects of Civil and Industrial Buildings;

- Regional and Urban Planners;

- Municipal Engineers;

- Engineers of Civil and Industrial Construction.

2.2. Postgraduate Training:

- M.Sc. in architecture, planning, building environment and urban management: 3 years (exception of M.Sc. in urban management: 2 years).

- Ph.D. in architecture, planning, building environment and construction: 3 years for M.Sc. and 5 years for graduates.

2.3. Training foreign languages and informatics for staff and lecturers.

2.4. Conducting scientific research topics assigned by the State and Ministry of Construction and research topics registered by the University''s lecturers and technical staff.

2.5. In co-operation with local and international universities, institutes, organizations to train undergraduates and postgraduates, to do scientific researches, to apply scientific technologies.

3. Faculties and Centers

- Architecture

- Planning

- Civil Engineering

- Infrastructure Technique and Urban Environment

- Postgraduate Training

- Urban Management Center

- International Co-operation Center

- Center of Foreign Languages

- Applied Information Center

4. Research Institutes and Companies

- Institute of Tropical Architecture

- Consulting Company for Construction and Technology Transfer

- Construction and Urban Development Company

- HAAI Architecture Company Ltd.

- ACO Construction Company Ltd.

- VINAUST joint venture

5. Research Assistance Facilities

- Lab of Building Materials

- Lab of Soil-Mechanics

- Lab of Basic Physics

- Lab of Chemists

- Lab of Indoor Climatology and Environment

- Lab of Water Drainage and Sewerage

- Computer Room

- Library

- Design Studios.

6. Number of Enrolled Students

- Undergraduates: 9,000.

- Master students: 300.

- Ph.D. students: 60

7. International Co-operation

In the field of training and scientific research, the University has cooperated with 36 foreign universities and institutes of over 20 countries (Sweden, Canada, England, the Netherlands, Australia, France, Poland, Laos, Germany, etc.) and other international organizations such as: UIA, UNDP, HABITAT, SIDA, CIDA, SAREC, IRDC, SEI, ARECOP and ESCAP./.

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