28/09/2009 | 11:20:49

Hà Nội Writers’ Association

Street address: 19 Hàng Buồm, Quận Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội, Việt Nam

Telephone: 84 (0) 4 829 5405, 84 (0) 4 825 6961

Proprietor: Hà Nội Union of Literature and Arts Associations

Contact: Hồ Anh Thái Secretary General


Currently comprising some 200 members, the Hà Nội Writers’ Association represents writers and critics living and working in Hà Nội, organises literary activities and maintains international contacts in the literary field. One of eight cultural associations making up the Hà Nội Union of Literature and Arts Associations, it organises a range of activities, including literary evenings, public readings and conferences./.

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