28/09/2009 | 15:54:25

Gastronomy culture on pavement

It costs only VND 7000 and VND 30.000 for a cup of lemon tea and a portion of grilled beef respectively on pavements in Hanoi.

Tra My, a student of the Industrial Arts University and her close friends always regard Nguyen Du street as the stop for their appointments on the pavement. “I like drinking coffee here because I can both enjoy the romantic lake view and talk freely. It’s so pleasant and comfortable here. The price is extremely cheap, about VND 10.000 per person” she said.

There are a lot of wide sidewalks in the shade of green trees, especially with the scent of “milk” flower o¬n Nguyen Du street. Students and office workers are always the patrons of such sidewalk coffee. The beverage price ranges from a few thousand to just ten thousand. Drinkers can gossip for a long time in the cool weather.

Ms Thanh Nga, the owner of a coffee stall happily said, “I have hundreds of customers every day. Some like leaning against the wall to watch the traffic, others are so keen o¬n sipping coffee by the lake”.

Grilled beef stalls on Hang Cot, Cat Linh, Quan Thanh streets usually open at 8 p.m. Young people sit around a stove on which beef, tomato, spring o¬nion and some pieces of taro are deliciously grilled, which are often served with bread.

Hang Buom street is well-known for such kinds of food as steak, roasted chicken, fried rice and grilled rib, which costs about VND 30.000 a portion. Thanh Tung, a patron of ‘Nam Stall’ said, “There are so many kinds of dishes so my friends and I frequent here. It’s a little bit noisy here but the prices are reasonable”. It is the noise, however, that attracts a young Australian. He said, “There is no stall like this in my country. Eating amidst the noise on the pavement is very interesting. The food here is tasty, too”.

On average, it’s only about VND 100.000 (about US$ 6) for a meal that fills the stomachs of two people, including 2 portions of grilled rib, roasted chicken and fried rice. It’s 2 or 3 times cheaper than in restaurants./.Hanoi Times

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