28/09/2009 | 11:19:00

Festival helps sister-cities trade

A week-long festival outlining the features of Ha Noi began yesterday in Moscow to promote trade relations.

A ground-breaking ceremony for the establishment of the Ha Noi-Moscow Culture and Trade Centre was held yesterday amid the celebration activities.

Ha Van Que, director of the Ha Noi Foreign Affairs Department, said at a press conference in Moscow on Tuesday that the first Ha Noi Festival in Moscow was held six years ago.

Que said that during the present festival, several seminars on investment, trade and tourism promotion would be held.

The trade festival has been organised for investors from both capitals to exchange information and seek opportunities for further economic co-operation.

"Ha Noi’s expansion has become attractive to many foreign investors, including those in Moscow and in the Russian Federation as a whole," Que said.

However, Ha Noi wants to co-operate with Moscow in the fields of design consultancy, urban planning and urban development, the rehabilitation of old buildings and transport development.

Ha Noi and Moscow have been sister cities for many years. In 2001, the Russian capital organised the Moscow Festival in Ha Noi.

Speaking to reporters, Vladimir Lebed, vice director of the Moscow Department of External Economics and International Co-operation hoped that bonds between the two cities and two nations would continue to expand.

"Moscow has opened wide its doors for Ha Noi investors and legal Vietnamese workers who have skills to work in Moscow enterprises," Lebed said./.

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