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Dong Anh district

Dong Anh district has a total area of  182.3 km2and a population of 270,000 people.

·        Population density: 1481 person/km2

Administrative units:

·        Dong Anh Town

·        Communes: Nguyen Khe, Co Loa, Nam Hong, Van Noi, Kim Chung, Vong La, Lien Ha, Duc Tu, Viet Hung, Dong Hoi, Tam Xa, Xuan Non, Uy No, Tien Duong, Bac Hong, Kim No, Dai Mach, Hai Boi, Van Ha, Thuy Lam, Mai Lam, Xuan Canh, Vinh Ngoc.

Headquarter of District People’s Committee: Dong Anh Town, Hanoi, Vietnam.

Telephone: 84.4.832541./.

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