23/07/2010 | 13:47:36

Agent Orange victims receive more aid relief

Various activities to support Agent Orange (AO) victims are being held nationwide in response to the day for Vietnamese AO victims, Orange Day, which falls on August 10.

At a press briefing on July 22, President of the Vietnam Association of Victims of Agent Orange (VAVA), Senior Lieutenant-General Nguyen Van Rinh said between July 10-August 10, VAVA continued its campaign to mobilise 60 billion VND in support of AO victims.

Starting last August, the campaign has so far raised 47 billion VND.

The Vietnam Data Communication Company (VDC) will continue its charitable texting programme called “Justice and heart 2010.” Each message sent to 8788 containing the words, “vava” or “vava_loichiase”, starting from July 23, will contribute 15,000 VND to a fund in support of AO victims.

Last year, VDC transferred 30 million VND collected from its charitable texting programme to VAVA.

VAVA will ask the Government to adopt more preferential policies for Vietnamese AO victims, Senior Lieutenant-General Rinh said, adding that the association will continue to mobilise support from individuals and organisations for the construction of 550 houses and 55 centres to care for AO victims and their children.

Since 2004, local and international individuals and organisations have donated 150 billion VND in cash and kind to help AO/dioxin victims.

The collected money has been used to build and repair more than 1,400 houses, build caring centres, provide scholarships and give medical and flood aid to the victims.

On the occasion of Orange Day, VAVA called for the US government and parliament to show more their responsibility for the aftermath of the toxic war to increase the Vietnam-US friendship in peace and development.

It also called for all victims in all countries, especially the US veterans and war victims to stand side by side with the AO victims of Vietnam for justice and their legitimate interest.

According to VAVA statistics, Vietnam has 4.8 million people exposed to AO/dioxin, including 3 million AO victims./.

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